Welcome to our EDUCATION section where you can find different Ateliers, Courses and Workshops both private or groupal. At We Are Heroes we want to give you the best KNOWLEDGE about the different techniques, disciplines and tools available that have helped us in our process of development and physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
We also provide specific seminaries for companies in several areas such as Leadership, Team Management, Physichal Activity, Nutrition and Health. Ask freely for information or an estimate. Tell us about what your team or business is needed and we will desing the required training for you.
Learn with us, in an easy and grounded way all you need to know to be a true hero.

  • Tantra massage workshop for couples
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    A fantastic massage course for couples that want to improve their intimacy. In this seminar you will learn the bases of the Art of Tantra Massage and how to apply these techniques as erotic games to create more connection and harmony in your relationship. A beautiful way to get to know each other bodies, discover erogenous zones and how to stimulate them without taboos. Duration: 4 hours with your private teacher.
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