Find out the best options for Training services.Whether you are an elite athlete and focusing on getting ready for a marathon, focusing on stamina training, muscle gain, etc.. or if you have never practiced sports before and you would like to get in shape, or for rehabilitation; We Are Heroes has the best and most qualified professionals for every situation.

Our sports focused working method is based on personal goals with a strong foundation in Biomechanics and Muscle Physiology that guarantees the quality, effectiveness and safety in your trainings.

Asesoramiento Nutricional de We Are Heroes

Nutricional Advice

Desde We Are Heroes queremos ayudar a todas aquellas personas que se dan cuenta que necesita a alguien que los guíe de manera holística hacia un mejor estado de salud. Ya sea salud física, mental y/o ...

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Practice Pilates Method


If you want to immerse yourself in the knowledge of the Pilates Method, you must also know a little history of its creator, since he was a hero inspired by other great heroes, starting from his parent...

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Private personal training


30 min of daily physical exercises decreases the risk of developing colon cancer, myocardial infarction, and type 2 diabetes. Time which we invest in sedentary activities (or sitting time) is a risk f...

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Muscle Activation Techniques


The Muscle Activation Techniques are a set of specific tests that allow us to check our neuromuscular system, evaluate the connection with our nervous system and functioning of each muscle, and correc...

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