Discover Coaching services by WAH.

If you could, what in your life would you like to change?

Maybe is a just personal goal or maybe you want to discover who you really are and find more purpose in life.

Maybe you want to enhance the relationship with your partner, to develop new tools or to improve your sex life.

Perhaps you desire a change in your professional career, whether in relationship with yourself, your boss, your employees or team.

Prepared for the change?

Our team of dedicated Coaches, along with our bespoke Coaching methods will guide you during this process, helping you to reach your own goals and go beyond to achieve targets beyond your expectations.


Life Coaching We Are Heroes


Life coaching helps you discover your inner hero, your inner leader, your greatest wisdom placed on your service of your fullest life. The coach accompanies you to discover yourself to see who you are...

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Business coaching We Are Heroes


In executive coaching, there are individual relations between coach and client (which is used to be a company); the relations are based on the intrapersonal purposes of the subject (hereafter referred...

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Sexual coaching or couple coaching


Sex is the most intimate form of contact with a partner. In addition, its quality tells us about the couple connection quality on an intimate level. Why is it necessary to come to the sexual coaching?...

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Team Coaching We Are Heroes


Team Coaching is done when there is a relationship between two or more people, and it differs from Personal Coaching: We consider not only people acting here, but rather the RELATIONSHIPS existing bet...

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