Tantra massage workshop for couples



A fantastic massage course for couples that want to improve their intimacy. In this seminar you will learn the bases of the Art of Tantra Massage and how to apply these techniques as erotic games to create more connection and harmony in your relationship. A beautiful way to get to know each other bodies, discover erogenous zones and how to stimulate them without taboos.
Duration: 4 hours with your private teacher.


Tantra is an ancestral healing technique. It was created to liberate vital and sexual energy that could be stagnant in the body with the pupose to improve physical and emotional health, as well as the relationship with oneself and with the other.

Tantra is practiced today all around the world in its different variations such as: Tantric sex, Tantra massage, Tantric yoga and Tantra meditation.

As Tantra is the appreciation of sexuality’s sacred value, so its aims are also spiritual.

Recover passion in the couple through tantric massage

What is tantra massage?

Tantric massage is a type of sensual massage that pursuits the awakening of the senses to offer an ecstatic and self-knowledge experience to the receiver. It is a process of liberation, recognition and acceptance of one’s sexuality. We develop pinto sexual beings and we have to embrace this part of us in its major purity without judgement or self-criticism.

Tantra massage is used in Sex Therapy as a base of erotic games to recover passion within a couplebringing reliance and unity between the individuals who practice. It is the best path to discover self-sexuality through the other. What excites us and gives us pleasure in a totally new and healthy way withouth prejudice of any kind wrapped in the energy of love.

In contrast to other massage techniques, there are no established rules. Each session is an opportunity to investigate other’s intimacy.In turn, Tantric massage consists in wide movements of union throughout the body. It’s a surrounding feeling without reliance on following the steps through cerebral channels alone.

Cómo dar un masaje tantra en pareja

Benefits of a tantra massage

Among the different benefits that one can experience during and after a Tantra massage are:

  • Increase of body knowledge and intimacy of your partner.
  • It helps healing sexual conditions such as premature ejaculation, impotency, low libido, etc.
  • Maintain in male’s erection duration.
  • Releases stress and anxiety.
  • Enhance physical and emotional well-being.
  • It helps focusing on oneself as well as a partner.
  • Provides mental and physical balance.
  • Improves breathing processes.
  • Promotes the physical and affective parts of a relationship of a couple.

Tantra massage workshop for couples

What are you going to learn in this tantra massage workshop

During this four hours you will lear the bases of this millenary technique through self-practice between the couple. The main goal of this seminary is to guide through an effetive massage sequence whereof you will be able to perform a fabulous tantra massage ritual to your partner. You will acquire the techniques need to improve your intimacy and increase passion in couple.

After this course you will have the requiered knowledge and techniques to:

  • Provide a relaxing massage on a muscle level.
  • Develop a sensitive body to body massage.
  • Stimulate Lingam (male sexual organ) and Yoni (female sexual organ) through genital massage.
  • Awareness of location and stimulation both male and female G spots.

From WAH we want to give you the possibility to discover yourselves through your partner in a completely new way. Via a love and devotion view, your relationship as a couple will never be the same.

As you can imagine practice makes masters and in this seminary you will get the right skills to become true experts in the Art of Tantra Massage.


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