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Cristina Burzako

I recommend WAH and their services 200%! They are sensational and exceptionally professional. I experienced different activities in an intensive Transformational Leadership course for Executives. Both the coaching and physical sessions were extraordinary. On a physical level, we started the day with Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness lessons; and in the afternoon, we get activate with Running and Crossfit. All the sessions were very different and addictive. Our personal trainer combined many techniques with a positive attitude and great presence in each class. Personal development and coaching sessions were also very enlightening and rewarding. After them I felt a new self. We Are Heroes is guarantee of success.

Director of Communication and Brand at Telefonica Spain

Carla Carbajosa

When I started my life coaching process with WAH I couldn’t imagine that I will achieve my goals so fast. I was searching for a personal and professional change for a long, but I found I was stuck and I didn’t know how to move forwards. Thanks to Coaching I’ve found my own answers and impulses to make the first steps to change. I can definitely recommend We Are Heroes!

Senior Account Manager at

Miguel Crespo del Valle

Pilates sessions with WAH are unique. I’ve been playing sports all my life and I consider gratification as that which comes through challenging yourself, constantly, to keep the enthusiasm alive. It’s obvious that this requires a personal approach, something that is hard to find nowadays. We Are Heroes structuring is exactly that: providing new challenges but adapting every moment to your needs, no standard formulas and no borrowed routines.

Chief Strategy Officer at March JLT

Tobias Schwender

Classes at WAH have been very insipiring, letting me begin the day with a lot of energy, activating unknown muscles and finding calm and balance with myself. Many thanks!

Head of M&A at Cellnex Telecom

Carolina Saavedra

Coaching sessions that I received from WAH have been a real discovery. I had the opportunity to get to know myself better, believe in myself again and take the stength that I need to take control of my life. Coaching gives me a new and different vision of myself and the world around me. I felt guided, undestood and supported. Starting this process have been one of the best decisions of my life. Thanks!

Long Distance Flight Attendant at Iberia Airlines

Sven Cramer

I had several Executive Coaching sessions with We Are Heroes during 2017 that helped me to clarify both personal and professional priorities. It has been an extraordinary experience; specially due to my Coach ability to connect with my situation and my personality quickly – that helped me to enter into a deep and valuable process of reflection. Thanks for motivating me to find my inner compass and follow its directions!

Manager Partner at Libra Consultant

Miriam Aguado

During an intense week (in professional, emotional and personal terms), we started each day with physical and mental dynamics courtesy of We Are Heroes. It’s incredible what you can achieve with a little of focus, technique and dedication. We had a fantastic instructor that connected with all of us and contributed to our transformation.

Director at People Matters

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